From singin' to the cows to serenading listeners across Austin and beyond!

Sidney grew up on a working cattle ranch in small town East Texas where she serenaded the cows, now she serenades listeners across Austin. With a Texas fiddler as a grandfather, she was surrounded by the essence of bluegrass and the joy of making music from an early age. Sidney's earliest singing experiences were with the church choir, where she learned to harmonize and perform on stage. Growing up, Sidney was always singing. As you can imagine, this annoyed her two older brothers quite a bit, so she often practiced her singing outside in the pastures where the cows would be her attentive audience. 

As a teenager, her passion for music led her to pick up the guitar to accompany herself, and soon she was performing all around her small town — every Sunday and Wednesday for her church, at local events, and notably, delivering powerful renditions of the national anthem at sporting events. In college, Sidney's talents reached even greater heights as she sang for audiences of up to 4,000 people. However, in 2014, upon moving to Austin, she set aside her musical aspirations to focus on her career.

Over the following eight years, Sidney put her degree in Social Work to good use, dedicating herself wholeheartedly to her role within the local non-profit organization, Girls Empowerment Network. Sidney says it served as more than just a workplace; it was a platform where she witnessed firsthand the transformative power of encouragement and support. As she helped girls discover their inner strength and realize their potential, she found her own confidence and sense of purpose steadily growing. Sidney often reflects on how, in guiding others to believe in themselves, she found her own belief in her abilities deepening. She fondly recalls a moment early in her career at Girls Empowerment Network, during a goal-setting group session, she bravely penned down a personal aspiration: "attend a local open-mic." Despite the initial uncertainty and the passing of a few years, Sidney eventually realized this goal & more! 

At the end of 2022, she left her job, uncertain of what was next, but feeling a strong pull back to music. The pandemic had reignited her passion, and she began posting covers on social media. As venues began opening up again, Sidney nervously started to attend open-mics, not just to brush up on her stage presence but also to connect with fellow musicians in the local scene. She found real comfort and support in places like Girl Guitar, where she fine-tuned her guitar skills and jammed out in band classes, and Warren Records, a community that embraced her and provided safe spaces to share her music while boosting her confidence. Sidney is now a "Warren Woman," and provides support for various Warren Records events that help elevate Austin creatives. 

Today, Sidney is pursuing music full-time, captivating listeners with her blend of power and sweetness. Drawing comparisons to artists like LeAnn Womack, Jade Bird, and Patty Griffin, her strong vocals, accompanied by the warmth of her guitar, create a timeless musical experience that resonates deeply with audiences. She sings with a relatable emotional depth and vulnerability crafting catchy, easy to remember songs that can best be described as Folk-Pop/Americana. Sidney believes we’re all constantly evolving, growing, and learning about ourselves and others. She is embracing the endless possibilities of her musical journey, making raw and real connections, and having fun along the way!