The first thing you notice when you encounter Sidney is her smile. Her warmth makes you feel like family before she can even open her mouth to sing. Then she does! And it's beautiful! Her sound is a mixture of soft and tender folk music mixed with triumphant 90s Country/Pop. The kind you want to cover yourself in!”

— Cass Defreitas, Warren Records

Sidney Copus

folk-pop with heart

Sidney grew up on a working cattle ranch where she serenaded the cows, now she serenades listeners across Austin. With a Texas fiddler as a grandfather, she was surrounded by the essence of bluegrass and the joy of jamming from an early age. As a teenager, she learned guitar and has been performing ever since. Today, as a full-time musician, Sidney captivates listeners with her blend of power and sweetness. Singing with a relatable emotional depth and vulnerability, she crafts catchy, easy-to-remember songs that can best be described as Folk-Pop/Americana. Drawing comparisons to artists like LeAnn Womack, Jade Bird, and Patty Griffin, Sidney's sound resonates with a timeless charm. She believes we’re all constantly evolving and growing and is embracing the endless possibilities of her musical journey keeping joy at the forefront.

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